200 Hour Teacher Training

This Yoga Alliance Certified training is foundational teacher training. The course is ideal for serious students of yoga as well as aspiring teachers. In this program, we will cover the different elements of yoga that will help you develop self-practice and inspire you to teach!

This program will provide you with the tools and the knowledge to find your voice as a teacher and start teaching. You will begin by learning to teach the basics as we explore styles from the Ashtanga and Iyengar Methods. Joan also holds a background in meditation, Ayurveda, and different therapeutic studies which she applies to all of her trainings. This training aligns with the authentic traditions as instructed by Krishnamacharya and his students Sri K. Patthabi Jois and B.K.S. Iyengar. We will explore the details of alignments blended in with the dynamic breath-based movements learning to create a vinyasa flow class that is accessible to everyone!

This foundation training will help you deepen your understanding of philosophy, anatomy, subtle body, and chanting. Each day there will be a long asana practice incorporating meditation and pranayama, focused around the theme of the day. In the afternoons, we will study the benefits and purpose of each yoga posture in depth. We will learn how to read bodies and give safe effective hands-on adjustments and how to use the props, which helps you understand how to make your teachings accessible to all levels and all types of bodies. 

We will apply anatomy and to help understand the effects of the postures and how to sequence them together to create an effective class.  Dive into philosophy, the subtle body, and develop a pranayama and restorative practice that students can incorporate into their lives. By the end, you will be able to teach a short class and prepare a safe and effective sequence. This training will prepare you to teach at a fundamental level and prepare you for Joan’s 300 Hour Training called The School of Yoga.

Topics Covered

    • The study of asana. (Yoga Postures).
    • Anatomy applied to asana.
    • The benefits and contraindications of asana and how to make postures accessible for everyone.
    • How to work with props.
    • The art of reading bodies and performing hands on adjustments.
    • How to teach beginners.
    • The art of sequencing a vinyasa flow class.
    • How to teach a private yoga session.
    • The history of yoga.
    • Yogic philosophy from the perspective of The Yoga Sutras.
    • The subtle body, including: the chakras, vayus, bandhas, and pranayama.
    • Restorative yoga.
    • Prenatal yoga.
    • How to be an effective teacher.
    • How to find your authentic voice as a teacher.
    • Practice teaching in a group.

Daily Schedule

    • Morning practice. (This includes two 3-hour practices, including meditation and pranayama, while focusing on the asana theme of the day.)
    • Short Break.
    • Review Sequence and postures taught.
    • Lunch Break
    • Philosophy discussion and study/or Subtle Body.
    • Short Break
    • Hands on adjustments, practice teaching, or a wind down practice for the day.

Formats Include

    • One month study. Days meet 9am – 5pm with one day off per week.
    • Two 10-day sessions followed by online work and online course.
    • Two 2-week sessions with no online work.
    • Weekend format is also available.

Please email: Joanhymanyoga@gmail.com for more information.