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The 300 Hour Teacher Training

A complete professional path for teachers

We are having an online info session on zoom May 10 at 7pm PDT, 2021. Email for a link to join. This session will be recorded.

Anyone who has the desire to deepen their yoga practice and has completed a 200 Hour Teacher Training. If you would like to teach yoga, this is the path for you because you will be guided by some of the best teachers in the world!

The quickest way to complete your 300 Hour Training, is to do the requirements of 55 Hours + 150 Hours in Goa, India with Joan. You will then have a hundred hours to complete at your own pace through Joan, JP, Annie, Marla, and Annie who teach regularly around the globe and online.

No worries! Joan will be offering 50 Hour Modules in New Zealand, Los Angeles, and Switzerland in 2021 and 2022. Most of the world is waiting for travel restrictions to be lifted before booking long training sessions in other countries, so stay on the lookout for a shorter training, like 25 Hours, that will be taught virtually into next year with Joan, Jeanne, Annie, and Marla.

This path will take longer, but you can work at your own schedule and budget, which keeps it relaxed and works well for integrating the information gained in these training sessions.

As long as you like! The training is set up, so you can work at your own rate and budget. Right now,  all modules are online, so this is the perfect time to start the training.  Take a little bit at a time so you can enjoy the content and integrate it slowly. You have as long as you like, and do the required stuff towards the end.  I find when we learn at our own pace, the information is able to process better and you will feel more inspired to teach and practice! There are a lot of courses that are very affordable, so I encourage you to start with them and ease your way into the bigger ones!

Yes you can! If you have completed a Yoga Alliance Certified 300 Hour Teacher Training, we are requiring you do the 55 hours which are required along with one module of each teacher before moving into your mentorship program. For those of you that started a 300 Hour somewhere else and would like to carry your hours over to SOY, you can, as long as the hours you completed are under established teachers who are aligned with the teachers at SOY.

It’s recommended but not required. You can begin working on your 300 Hour at SOY, however, during the same time you will also need to complete your 300 Hour before moving into the last phase of the training, which is the mentorship program and project.


“My 300 hour teacher training with Joan Hyman produced a blue print of how I approach my yoga practice as well as creating intelligent sequences when I teach. Her yoga lingo, encouragement of self practice as well as a profound interest in providing information to feel-for-yourself and articulate-to-your-students mindset generated a deep internal ability to feel an external form for me. Training was not just a theory: you see and hear and feel that she is doing it, hence you shall.”
Daryoush Aflatooni

“Joan is a strong, dedicated teacher that will lead you to realize your potential. She was my Yogaworks 200hrs Teacher Trainer in 2011 and has consistently been an inspiration to me on my own path. In 2019-2020, I was fortunate enough to assist her 300 Hour Teacher Training at Urban Ashram Yoga in Manila, Philippines and conduct the Perinatal Course for the trainees. Her world-wide student base from her teacher trainings has benefitted from her strength of knowledge and guidance. She walks the walk and shares her experience and expertise with an open heart. Much Love to you Joan!”
Johanna JP Cox

“Joan Hyman is a magnificent teacher. A teacher’s teacher. She walks her talk and lives as she leads. She’s done the real work long enough to offer a potent and genuine transmission of deep practice. As a mentor, she helped fortify my commitment, not just to focused and aligned asana but also to daily meditation. She commands a high-level of concentrated attention -in a strong yet kind, disciplined yet generous way- that delivers a transformative effect. Attuned to both the sacred and the secular, Joan brings the best qualities to the practice and to her students. It has been a tremendous gift to learn and grow from Joan’s teachings. Enjoy this opportunity to study with one of the best!”
Clio Manueian

“Going through the School of Yoga was well worth the effort, sweat and time, since all that was necessary to birth someone new; someone with more confidence not just to teach, but to navigate through life; and, most importantly, someone with the discipline, insight and self-love to integrate all those lessons learned into daily life. All I needed was 300 hours with Joan Hyman.”
Troy Bernardo

“Joan is one of my most inspirational mentors. She was so supportive of all her mentees in my 300 hr group and has a very poignant way of making Yoga accessible and applicable to each individual student’s life. Her own passion and conviction for the practice of Yoga and its effectiveness is palpable: Joan is always inspiring. I am so grateful to have her as a teacher and a cornerstone for my evolution in my Yoga practice and as a student and as a teacher.”
Julia Garro

“It was a wonderful experience and the training was well organized. Joan refreshed our old learnings and added new insights as she taught us how to deepen our knowledge in yoga and move towards more advanced postures. Joan’s teachings are clear and concise and what took her years to study, she simplified for us to learn in a short period of time. After completing this course, I feel confident to teach classes to a broad range of students, how to provide modifications and adjust different people in different postures. I have a better understanding of the business side of yoga and how to navigate the future as yoga expands into the mainstream. I recommend this course to anyone looking to learn more about yoga and especially for teachers who want to teach.”
Sky Yang

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