Practice Online with Joan

Joan Hyman is one of  YogaVibes and Devata Online Yoga’s featured teachers. Depending on your mood and schedule, choose from a variety of classes ranging from vinyasa flow to restoratives. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up or have an hour to spare, enjoy practicing from the comfort of your own home or while you’re traveling the globe.

Scroll down to get a taste of Joan’s teaching style. Choose from 9 vignettes highlighting useful information on how to break down challenging poses to make them more accessible and enhance your personal practice.

NEW! Joan is teaching ongoing classes LIVE on ZOOM.

Mondays 5:30pm PST  /  Wednesdays 10am PST / Thursdays 4:30pm PST  /  Fridays 8am PST  /  Saturdays 9am PST  

COST: 1 class $15 USD / 3 classes $30 USD  


Can’t make it to class?
Joan has a number of recordings available for rent or purchase on Vimeo!
Check out a wide range of her ninety minute vinyasa flow levels catered to all levels:

Take Joan’s 20-Hour Online Yoga Course

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Elements of Flow: 20-Hour Online Training with Joan

This course includes:
• Thirteen Instructional Videos

• Joan’s Strong, Centered & Balanced 
Video 5-Pack
Four Podcasts

In this twenty-hour online course you will have access to amazing practices, which will take you on a journey from the outside, in. Classes range from vinyasa flow practices to therapeutics that help to heal injuries. Restoratives and pranayama practices are included to help replenish and rejuvenate. Four podcasts are included, which will inspire you to lead a life that is authentic and help you to embody yoga through self-care, Ayurveda, and yogic philosophy. We’ll include outlines to help you understand the topics that are presented in this online course.

Strong, Centered & Balanced
Video 5-Pack ONLY*

Get strong, centered, and balanced as you release tension from your body and mind and access the quieter layers inside. The first three vinyasa classes are designed to help you strengthen and ground yourself, preparing you for the quieting and stilling of the final two classes. Dive deep into your standing pose practice while opening your hips, twist from your center, and even getting up into handstand! Then relax, go inside and find your pauses as you explore pranayama and a restorative practice. By the end of the bundle you’ll feel rejuvenated as your system shifts into a deep state of healing.


*This 5-Pack is included in the
20-Hour training

Joan’s Podcasts ONLY*

Listen to Joan’s 4 Podcasts including the topics of:

• The Yoga Sutras
• A 20-Minute Meditation
• Ayurveda
• Authenticity

*These Podcasts are included in the
20-Hour training