New Zealand



I feel content here. I’m reminded to get outside and spend time with the people that make up this wonderful place. I don’t want to forget a thing. I’m reminded to stay present.

For me, being present is a practice which, over time, can help me live from a more soulful place. This is a familiar feeling these days, as I have been making a concerted effort to connect more to my true path – the one that lies deep within my soul. I’ve spent a lot of time learning, instead of being distracted by constant action and reaction. This allows me to pay a little more attention to the little details which have been leading me down a path of fulfilling my true dharma.

People here are positive. They make eye contact. They make an effort to connect with each other and they truly celebrate and respect their home – the land.

Life is good.

A sense of safety and peace came over me as soon as I arrived. Nature here is stunning with endless landscapes to gaze at. After a few days in New Zealand, I realize how often I’m distracted by the incredibly beautiful sky. The view literally takes my breath away. It’s amazing what appears once you slow down, especially in a new environment. The blues in the sky combined with the greens of the sea create a masterpiece that belongs in a museum. I spent some quality time on the pristine beaches, enjoying the healing air from the South Pacific, reminding me to stay put. Letting me know that I’m on the right path.

The wiring I had gotten used to by living in big cities for so many years is slowly shifting. Day by day, I’m connecting deeper to the environment here and grounding myself in a new place. It feels fresh and safe and hopeful.

If only all of us could feel this way, wherever we are. That is my daily prayer.

I wouldn’t call myself a picky eater – but I do appreciate fresh, plant-based food. It’s not always easy to find this when you’re traveling all over the world! Here in New Zealand, I can honestly say, the food is top quality. Using fresh and local ingredients, options are limitless and delicious. I always feel satisfied, even nourished, after eating.

What a treat it was to escape my bustling life back in the States. It’s easy to forget about how simple life can be, especially these days when we’re surrounded by such a stressful political situation at home. This is how contentment is designed.


I’m grateful to New Zealand for the reminder to get outside each day, connect with nature, and with the people that I love, and spend less time working and worrying about the things I cannot control. I’m reminded to eat better and choose food that comes directly from the earth.

What it all comes down to is connection. We are all connected in some way. What we do matters, and it matters to our neighbor. What would happen if could all take the time to connect more to our land and to the people around us? Might we feel more grounded? Happier? Safe? I love the idea of living in a world that is safe, loving and fills our hearts with contentment and ease.

New Zealand gives me hope.


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  1. marnee says:

    Love this, Joan!!

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