Topanga Canyon Retreat

Day Retreat
Oct 24, 2020
Topanga, CA

Join Joan up in beautiful Topanga Canyon! Relax and unwind in a peaceful remote setting up in the California mountains. Ease your way back into a community setting with like-minded yogis. This is the perfect outdoor space for a small community gathering. Windows and sliding doors will stay open to create a partial outdoor yoga space. All meals will be served outside.

Nature is abundant in this private retreat center overlooking the Santa Monica Mountains! Unwind in the jacuzzi or sauna, take a swim in the lap pool or dunk in the cold plunge. There are also many places for quiet time, like the sun patios or cozy up to the large living room fireplace in the 1920’s Spanish Mission-style house.

If you feel like an adventure, there are gorgeous hiking trails nearby and the Pacific Ocean is only 20 minutes away. Our private chef for the weekend will be on-site creating the most delicious vegan lunch that will be served to each individual. Joan will offer two yoga classes, a strong vinyasa flow in the morning, followed by a relaxing restorative, pranayama, and hip opening in the afternoon. Leave feeling rejuvenated and connected to yourself and others.

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Topanga Canyon NYE Retreat

New Year’s Eve Retreat
December 30 2020-January 1, 2021
Topanga, CA

Join Joan for New Year’s Eve up in beautiful Topanga Canyon. After an intense year, this will be an opportunity to help you hit the pause button and relax in a peaceful remote setting with stunning views of the Santa Monica Mountains.

New Year’s Eve is a perfect time to set intentions and reflect on the past year and what you would like to invite into your new chapter ahead. Joan will theme each practice and offer her setting intention workshops with restoratives and meditation on New Year’s Eve. Between sessions relax and get quiet as you gain insight on all that has happened this year and how you would like to move forward in the future. It is always great to connect to like-minded yogis and feel the support of community.

Relax in the jacuzzi or sauna, take a swim in the lap pool or dunk in the cold plunge. There are also many places for quiet-time like the sun patios or cozy up to the large living room fireplace in the 1920’s Spanish Mission-style house. If you feel like an adventure there are gorgeous hiking trails nearby and the Pacific Ocean is only 20 minutes away. Our private chef for the weekend will be on-site creating the most delicious vegan meals.

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Advanced Teacher Training 300 Hour, Pt 1

150-Hour Advanced Teacher Training Retreat
March 21-April 4, 2021
Joan’s Yoga School
Devarya Wellness
Goa, India

Part one of Joan’s 300-Hour Teacher Training

This transformational advanced teacher training will be hosted by Joan in Goa, India, Goa is the perfect place to relax and unplug from the western world and dive deep into your yoga and meditation practice. This will be part one of Joan’s Yoga Alliance 300 Hour Teacher Training from The School of Yoga and will run in two parts.

This training course will include:

• How to advanced your asana – Enjoy long practices that will include workshopping advanced postures that you don’t normally get to in a vinyasa flow class and understand how to make them accessible for you and your students.

• Advanced pranayama and meditation – Each morning and afternoon practice will include pranayama and meditation helping you to develop a quieter practice that accesses the subtle layers of our five bodies.

• Learn to read bodies and explore the art of hands-on adjustments that are appropriate to the individual.

• Learn about the subtle body and how to incorporate these layers into your practice and sequencing.

• Understand therapeutics and how to make yoga accessible for everyone by learning how to work with injuries and chronic illness.

• We will practice restorative postures and how to incorporate these powerful and quieter poses into daily practice exploring their many benefits. Learn how to work with props and explore the subtle benefits of these practices.

• Learning to sequence to all levels from the advance to the beginner yogi.

• Go deeper into yogic philosophy and learn how to integrate it into your teachings and practice.

• Learn how to develop a self-care program that includes daily Sadhana, proper diet that aligns with your constitution, and how to incorporate Ayurvedic principles into your life.

• Learn what dharma is and how to be authentic with what you are offering.

• Explore aspects of the shadow and teacher-student dynamics.

• Teach with confidence! There will be practice teaching sessions led by Joan.

This training will include guest teachers offering sound baths, kirtans, bodywork, and the art of touch.

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200 Hour Teacher Training

April 5-April 24, 2021
Devarya Wellness 
Goa, India

Join Joan in Goa, India, for her two-hundred hour teacher training.

*100-hour option: Ten days of immersion yoga retreat style, Apr 5-24, 2021.*

Devarya Wellness is a beachfront property that hosts yogis from all over the world and holds activities such as sound baths, kirtans, and meditations in the evenings. Each morning there will be a two and a half-hour yoga practice learning the foundation of postures and how to sequence them together in an intelligent way.

If you are taking the whole training, we will join together in the afternoon and learn yogic philosophy, anatomy as it applies to the yoga postures, the subtle body, and so much more!  If you decide to join the retreat portion, join again the later afternoon for a wind-down practice like pranayama, meditation, and restoratives.

This is the perfect combination of relaxation, diving deep into your yoga practice, and opening yourself up to the many healing benefits of yoga.

This two hundred hour teacher training is Yoga Alliance Certified and you can also do half the training with the retreat portion and make it up the rest in the future. 

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Spain Retreat

May 22 – 29, 2021
Tarifa, Spain

Join Joan in this beautiful location in the south of Spain! Practice yoga in a pristine setting with an abundance of nature and miles of fine white sand and crystal clear waters. This all-inclusive retreat is a perfect combination of nourishing yoga practices with meditation and guided relaxation practices, unique beaches, nature trips, high comfort accommodation. Plus, a selection of delicious and healthy organic food.

You will experience an oasis of tranquility that gives you the space you need to improve and return to your practice and soul. The daily program will be enriched with trips to the most special natural places out of the touristic tracks, organized by Shama Retreats with care and love, to allow you to discover this calm and authentic region of Spain. We will be immersed in the Natural Park of the Strait, bathed in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. A treasure of long pristine beaches, cliffs, underwater caves, and memories of ancient civilizations surrounds the charming village of Tarifa. From the venue, we will enjoy excursions to amazing beaches and beautiful treks with views of the Northen coast of Africa.

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South Africa Retreat

November 6 – 14, 2021
Cape Town, Stellenbosch, and Kruger Safari
South Africa

This 9-day journey will take you through Cape Town, Cape Peninsula, the wine region of Stellenbosch, and the iconic Kruger National Park.

Joan will lead yoga and meditation practices twice a day to help ground you during this once-in-a-lifetime journey to Africa! The itinerary is handcrafted by Fit4travel and you will be staying in four-star accommodations with highly skilled guides taking us on excursions each day. If you are an animal lover this is a trip for you because you will see giraffes, zebras, lions, and so much more!

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“Joan’s extensive travel experience, great sense of humor and ability to connect with foreign cultures at a deep lever make her an ideal international yoga retreat teacher. Her retreats consistently sell out and are a testimony to these qualities. Her commitment to having fun along the way makes working with her a total joy”

– Michelle from International Yoga

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