New Zealand Retreat

March 11-15, 2020
Detox and Restore Retreat
Maruia River Retreat Center
Nelson, New Zealand

Learn to practice and eat according to your individual needs.

Yoga and Ayurveda go hand and hand and help us understand how to embody these ancient practices and live a life that builds vitality and well-being.

Retreats offer us a chance to immerse ourselves in these healing practices and gain the healing powers that nature can offer. This creates an ideal setting to cleanse the body and mind from daily distractions and help to connect deeper into our being. Surround yourself in an abundance of nature, eat healthy meals catered to your individual needs, and Joan will design each practice to help cleanse the body and mind and connect to your soul! New Zealand is a very special place that has the most friendly people and stunning nature. Take advantage of this five-day retreat to hit the reset button on many levels and experience the bliss that results from the combination of yoga practice, nature, and healthy food.

Space is limited!

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