Mexico Immersion Retreat

January 11-16, 2022
Playa Viva
Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Join Joan for a 25-hour training moving from the outside, in. Experience a deep dive into the journey through the koshas! The practice of yoga and meditation help us to untangle the many layers of our being, bringing us closer to our hearts. In this six day training, Joan will guide you through the outer most layer, and into your deeper layers through the practices of asana, pranayama, and meditation. Each day will open with a practice focusing around a specific theme helping to access a specific layer.

After practice, enjoy a long brunch, relax by the ocean, or take a dunk in the pool! You will have access to massage, miles of beachfront property, and quiet spots to help you relax and rejuvenate. We’ll reconvine in the late afternoon for a discussion and lecture, followed by a quiet restoring practice in the early evening. End your days with sunset dinners while enjoying relaxing vibes from a like-minded community of yogis!

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