Spain Retreat

May 22 – 29, 2021
Tarifa, Spain

Join Joan in this beautiful location in the south of Spain! Practice yoga in a pristine setting with an abundance of nature and miles of fine white sand and crystal clear waters. This all-inclusive retreat is a perfect combination of nourishing yoga practices with meditation and guided relaxation practices, unique beaches, nature trips, high comfort accommodation. Plus, a selection of delicious and healthy organic food.

You will experience an oasis of tranquility that gives you the space you need to improve and return to your practice and soul. The daily program will be enriched with trips to the most special natural places out of the touristic tracks, organized by Shama Retreats with care and love, to allow you to discover this calm and authentic region of Spain. We will be immersed in the Natural Park of the Strait, bathed in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. A treasure of long pristine beaches, cliffs, underwater caves, and memories of ancient civilizations surrounds the charming village of Tarifa. From the venue, we will enjoy excursions to amazing beaches and beautiful treks with views of the Northen coast of Africa.

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