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New! Summer Solstice Weekend Virtual Retreat
Jun 19-21, 2020

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, symbolically the day where we move into the energy of light the summertime offers. We are moving from darker days into lighter days and this is very symbolic of the time we just spent in quarantine. It is important to embrace the lessons we are learning during this challenging growth period. If we can integrate them into the world we are about to emerge into, we can create deep healing that is much needed to help our collective evolution. What is in the micro is in the macro, so the healing starts with us. As we slowly emerge it is important to move slowly so we can integrate this darker quieter period. If we move too quickly, this new information doesn’t have time to get processed and we won’t be able to integrate all of the insights gained during this darker phase. Having a practice is essential for checking in with yourself on a daily basis and can include a yoga and meditation practice but also how we eat, how we keep a schedule and our level of connection with ourselves. This weekend is a great time for setting intentions and creating new routines. We will open up each morning with a two-hour practice including asana, meditation, and pranayama. There will be a thirty-minute break, followed by a two-hour discussion about creating a self-care program based around what we eat, how we keep a schedule, and how connected we are emotionally and spiritually. Joan will include Ayurveda and yogic philosophy into these discussions and how we can integrate these ancient practices into our daily lives to continue to help us heal and live connected to spirit and ultimately helping to raise the consciousness of this planet.

Take the whole weekend or one day or section at a time.

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