Advanced Teacher Training 300 Hour, Pt 1

150-Hour Advanced Teacher Training Retreat
January 15-29, 2023
Joan’s Yoga School
Devarya Wellness
Goa, India

Part one of Joan’s 300-Hour Teacher Training

This transformational advanced teacher training will be hosted by Joan in Goa, India, Goa is the perfect place to relax and unplug from the western world and dive deep into your yoga and meditation practice. This will be part one of Joan’s Yoga Alliance 300 Hour Teacher Training from The School of Yoga and will run in two parts.

This training course will include:

• How to advanced your asana – Enjoy long practices that will include workshopping advanced postures that you don’t normally get to in a vinyasa flow class and understand how to make them accessible for you and your students.

• Advanced pranayama and meditation – Each morning and afternoon practice will include pranayama and meditation helping you to develop a quieter practice that accesses the subtle layers of our five bodies.

• Learn to read bodies and explore the art of hands-on adjustments that are appropriate to the individual.

• Learn about the subtle body and how to incorporate these layers into your practice and sequencing.

• Understand therapeutics and how to make yoga accessible for everyone by learning how to work with injuries and chronic illness.

• We will practice restorative postures and how to incorporate these powerful and quieter poses into daily practice exploring their many benefits. Learn how to work with props and explore the subtle benefits of these practices.

• Learning to sequence to all levels from the advance to the beginner yogi.

• Go deeper into yogic philosophy and learn how to integrate it into your teachings and practice.

• Learn how to develop a self-care program that includes daily Sadhana, proper diet that aligns with your constitution, and how to incorporate Ayurvedic principles into your life.

• Learn what dharma is and how to be authentic with what you are offering.

• Explore aspects of the shadow and teacher-student dynamics.

• Teach with confidence! There will be practice teaching sessions led by Joan.

This training will include guest teachers offering sound baths, kirtans, bodywork, and the art of touch.

Pricing and Registration

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